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Ділова пропозиція в зонах звільнених від оподаткування митними зборами

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Дата : 11.03.2022
Галузі і Ринки : Рынки — другие
Мета пропозиції : Аренда земли
Місцезнаходження : Brăila, Румыния

because of the fact that the pressure of politics is pouring into business, we came up with a solution for business, guaranteed by the transfer of politics.

Prepdro Farm promotes a land plot for rent, which will make it easier for both European domestic politics and the policy of foreign trade.

Territory, de mi proponuєmo tsі zemlі, maє soblivy status.

For business in this region, you can bring a little wealth:

Let’s wonder what the main achievements will be:

Roztashovane of the other gates of Rumunia and the European Union, at the very same cordon with a lot of radian space, the place and the free zone of Braila is gaining more and more importance for business people, who are in economic exchanges between the Skhod and Sunset.

Businesses, focusing on import-export routes , can take care of the constant changes in the activity of the foreign zone


Below, I will try to imagine what kind of zones and what specific advantages you can take, as you know the business sphere, how you can effectively achieve these advantages. Danube access to Europe:

Vіlnі zon proponuyut kіlka zruchnosti for іmporterіv, eksporterіv i virobnikіv, mitnyh i komertsіynyh ob’єktiv . 

Let’s take them apart:


Work for a qualified work force in Europe

Importers, yak_ to transport goods through the Vilna zone, koristuyutsya such advantages, as:
Proximity of goods to the wet market
. It’s a privilege for importers, who won’t have to deal with turbulence any more about arranging, transporting, collecting MPE. Just place a larger batch of goods in the vіlnu zone – and the stars – ship and sell in batches as required.

You do not block large sums for the payment of mite taxes and allowances. We have to pay less for the amount of goods that are imported and imported from the vіlnoї zone.

• Possibility to buy various goods from the Vilna zone after their processing, which increases their varity and to make them more additional for domestic beneficiaries.

Possibility of the mother to store goods nearby , for situations, if the international market is unacceptable, without the need to pay the prices of sub-postal workers and not reporting the necessary susil from the connection with the payment of goods and mitnih zbor_v, pov’yazanih big imports. .

B) Advantages of the free zone for exporters:

Usunennya obov’yazku fixing on the mittens is equivalent to the versatility of the mittens , which is worn on the imported components and materials, which allows the blocking of significant sums;

Butt : Let’s say, for the preparation of the product, you will need several components, for reasonable prices you can only know in the country that you should not enter before the EC.
As the factory or manufacturer of the machine is located in the countryside, let’s say,
in the countryside of Braila , it is not easier to import components designated for ZLB . All you need to pay is transportation. Without mit that without MPE . After preparing the product, you can export yoga to any point of the world .

• Possibility to promptly respond to requests from the nearest markets and sell goods at the optimal hour;
Butt : Let’s say, for the silskogo state goloshenі dry rocky. A sensible businessman will soon be able to increase his ability and encourage grain silage in the Braila outdoor zone. In fact, they are the very ones that seem to be. Let’s import grain at low prices and save it from the countryside. When it gets dry, the grain production changes, and the water grows, our businessman can sell for reasonable prices, making a miraculous profit – right from his warehouse near the Braila outdoor zone.

• Possibility of organization in the area of ​​shops-post exhibitions , with a method of sale;
We know that exhibitions and fairs are a good opportunity for laying down and selling products.

• Possibility of picking up goods on the territory without customs clearance at the hour and without paying minor payments , until the moment of departure;
The goods are taken from the free zone until the required hour

• Otrimannya important perevag v_d raznitsі in transport taxes for goods that are brought in bulk and re-exported from the area after processing;

• Removal of the certificate of departure of the country, on the territory of which the territory is settled , for goods that are recycled in the country’s territory, the same amount of production of the country’s products is included in yakі (approximately 50% of the work force and maternal population of the maternal population);

• Possibility to bring universities and components from different countries, process them in the field and re-export as a finished product;

Butt : syrovina is imported from China, and mobile phones are taken from the free zone of Braila.

It is true that the countryside does not succumb to a good business. However, if your business is related to import and export and especially part of the trade in the country, which does not enter before the EC (do not enter before the EC), then you will definitely look at the possibility of a free zone.

Benefits of our 5000 m2:

Water         ·         ·         ·         Danube rozvantazhuvalna         ·         Area         controlled by security, on the side of the coastal fleet

Our company can help you with your project in the shortest possible time

We are impatiently checking your proposition, we are open to any type of help, be kind, do not hesitate to contact us for additional information at the address: contact*prepdro.*

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